Weekly Star 7

Weekly Star 7

A section where we bring you our favourite songs this week from upcoming artists or more established artists, whether the songs are current or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week has 16 songs and will only feature UK artists.

LeeHaken – There’s Rice At Home

LeeHaken is a singer with supreme talent, her vocal talents and idiosyncratic sound make her music unique impossible not to love. Her music touches real topics and I think that is what makes it so appealing its rawness compliments her subject matter resulting in great songs.
‘There’s Rice at Home’ is probably my favourite song by her and recently she has become one of my favourite UK artists right now, we cannot wait to see what she does next.



Hope Tala X Tokyo The Producer – My Way

Hope Tala and Tokyo The Producer team up together to produce a perfect rendition of the Hope Tala’s ‘Peace Freestyle. Tokyo The Producer put a nice twist on the song giving it a more futuristic feel which he often does with his with his sound, both their styles together just deliver something perfect.

Hope Tala and Tokyo The Producer are both special talents, creating sonically pleasing innovative music and I know they will both continue to do this in the future creating more great songs



Hak Baker – 7AM

Hak Baker truly is a special talent, it is rare to find singers whose voice detail such raw emotion and passion. The East London singer has a distinct voice and I can definitely see him being a star in the future; 7 Am is a special song from a special talent, destined for greatness.



Jael – Fire Dey

This song reminded me of the Fela Kuti CD’s my mum would play in the car; the instrumental is perfect and her voice is even better. Fire Dey is song with a Afrobeat feel about the pursuit and chase of two love interests, creating one of my favourite songs right now.



Elijah Melo – Get 2 Deep

Another song with an Afrobeat’s feel but in contrast to the previous song Elijah Melo has a more traditional RnB sound. The London Singer/Producer shows his versatility on ‘ Get 2 Deep’, proving he can go for any sound he intends and I can’t wait to see how many more avenues and possibilities he explores with his future music.



Rachel Foxx – Happen to Me

Rachel Foxx has been an artist I’ve been following since her performance of ‘ To You’ on Colours, the East London singer has such a unique vocal tone which fits so well on any type of instrumental and on ‘ Happens To Me’ she sounds perfect on the jazzy instrumental giving me Anderson Paak vibes.

‘Happen To Me’ is a jazzy song which can be played any setting; Rachel Foxx is already destined for stardom so I cannot wait to see what she makes next.



Mina Rose – Kingdom

Mina Rose has been an artist we have featured before with her song ‘ 1up’ and ever since then I’ve looked forward to what she does next. Since then she has released two great songs but ‘Kingdom ‘might be my favourite.

The London singer delivers soulful vocals over the instrumental creating a powerful song, further showing why we feel she is destined to go far.



Vinch – Money Mitch

This is the section where songs have a more ‘ Turn up Feel’ and who better than Rapper/Producer Vinch. The London Rapper makes bangers in his sleep, we just had to pick one and this was the one I picked.’

Money Mitch’ is a certified banger, the beat is nuts and the flows are crazy, Vinch really is next up and we recommend you hop on his wave now because we sense many more bangers coming.




Zaire said he had a PSA and he really made himself clear, this instrumental is crazy it took me back to the 90’s but still had that modern flavour; the sample was perfect and the hook was even better but we cannot forget the star of the track  Zaire himself, he killed all the verses on the song and has one of my favourite songs as well as lines of the section (” stepping over hurdles this is AI vs Tye Lue”.)


Camzino- 24 HRS

Pretty much every week Camzino drops a new song and they never sound the same, his talent will inspire a future wave of UK Music because he is too versatile any genre he shines; it really is a matter of time before he takes off.



MicofCourse – Polonis Dub

Easily my favourite Grime MC right now, before hearing it I already knew it would be fire. Mic lyrically is on another planet right now any beat thrown at him at this point he will murder it and Polonis dub proved that. In a climate where many rappers are going for a trap/drill sound MicofCourse proves you can make grime and still shine.



Lancey Fouxx – Statstruck

If you love dark eclectic beats, a wide variation of flows and that trap sound Lancey is your man. The rapper continues to shine on that dark trappy sound he does so well. Starstruck is a certified banger and Lancey is on fire right now.



JAZ KARIS- Sunrise ft. Afronaut Zu and Sillkey

Jaz Karis is the artist of the moment right now and it is no surprise, her voice is amazing and her music is so soothing, she has talent that reminds me of the likes of the late Amy Winehouse.

Her ‘Into The Wilderness’ Ep is full of gems and ‘ Sunrise ‘ was another song I feel in love with. From Jaz Karis herself, to the features everything about this song was beautiful, it felt like something from a Robert Glasper album and carried such a beautiful message.



JVCK JAMES- EASY (feat. Jada Maria & Venna) [Prod. Astronote]

It is hard to credit just one artist for this song when they all shined, the production on this song was perfect and Jvck James realy did an amazing job vocally on this delivering an RnB masterclass; artist like him remind mr UK RnB is strong right now and the fact other artist like Jada Maria and Venna shined on this track lets me know UK RnB is in good hands.



I cannot think of a better song to unwind to, the ambient feel to the song is so soothing and relaxing the effect of slowing down the song to 75 percent was genius and so are the lyrics; there are so many layers to unwind on this track, it is clear she paid attention to detail and it showed. AffieJam is a special talent, labelling her as creative would be an understanding and here LonelyStar we cannot wait to see what heights her creativity can take her music next.


MadzHalfLife- Love U Better

The perfect artist to bring this playlist to a close, MadzHalfLife is in a league of his own right now creating his own wave and sound. Not once did I envision hearing some think like this from the area I am from and I’m glad I found it.

L.Y.L.A is one of the best project to come out of the UK this year and ‘Love U Better’ is one of my favourite songs to come out this year, I cannot wait to how far he takes his music because the possibilities are endless.

Written by @sam_magss


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