Weekly Star 8

Weekly Star 8

A section where we bring you our favourite songs this week from upcoming artists or more established artists, whether the songs are current or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week has 16 songs.

ADAS – Mothers Life

South East London collective ADAS make bangers fun, they have showed that with anthems like ‘ Winning ‘and ‘ Like That’, ‘Mothers Life’ is no different. As always ADAS came through with Quotables, bars and wavy hooks but this time they showed versatility, experimenting with auto tune and different flows creating a banger.

Maxsta -King Dizzee

Maxsta pays homage to legends while getting a couple things off his chest with ‘ King Dizzee’. Maxsta has been consistent for years now, so he is more than entitled to have the right to make this kind of track, addressing this topic but it’s the way he does it that is so impressive, the jazzy instrumental is prefect, it is minimal so it allows Maxsta to deliver his message perfectly creating one of the best retrospective tracks we have heard in a long time.

Louis Jack – Grill

On ‘ Grill’ Louis Jack delivers one of the best songs I have heard in a while; Grill has a melodic dark 90’s beat and he kills the verses, he has ‘Old Skool ‘style when he rhymes but he still manages to make his music sound modern and exciting. The rappers dark humour and retrospective lyrics make for a great song from a talented rapper destined for great things.

Nics- Paranoid + Finesse

It is always refreshing to hear an artist who take so much time in his craft and on’ Paranoid + Finesse ‘, Nics gives us the best of both words. In the beginning, he gives a slow thoughtful track and then does a 180 on the next half of the track giving us a wide range of flows on a more up-tempo instrumental. It takes a special artist to be able to do both and that is exactly what Nics is.

MicofCourse – Hungry
Hungry’ is a certified banger, Alpha Redd’s work on the instrumental was crazy and what MicofCourse does to the beat is even crazier. ‘Hungry’ essentially defies genres because the beat is Trapy but Mic channel the same energy you would expect from a grime MC while also experimenting with a wide range of flows effortlessly and when these two worlds come together it creates something special.

Also, that ‘ I was on road with the One Piece Ready to move like Dolflamingo’ line needs a separate award.

RAPH x TT – Stepped In

TT and Raph provide one the biggest tracks I’ve heard this year so far, blending afro beats and RNB to create a song for any party setting, the vibes this track bring are unmatched and this will be an anthem played everywhere soon.

Nash – Want You (Ft. 16 x STKZ)

What if I told you UK bashment is coming strong right now? Nash comes through with one of smoothest bangers of the year making you feel like its summer time again. This is just his first song so expect many more riddims.

Zac Schram – R/ealize feat. Saturn, Alexander

If you want to know what happens when one of the most innovative producers in the game teams up with Jersey’s Finest talent, press play and thank me later because Zac Schram and Saturn Alexander just did something special.

Jay2- ChinChilla [Prod. By Monte Booker]

On ‘ ChinChilla’ Jay2 and Monte Booker use the formula that has never failed them, a sound which they refer to as ‘Zilch Bounce’. This sound takes influences from a wide range of different genres and Jay2 and Monte Booker put all those sounds together and turn it into their own form of Hip Hop. This has lead to a sound they can now call their own; I feel they are at the forefront of this new wave in hip hop which came to prominence with producers like Monte himself.

Che Lingo – Black Girl Magic

Here we slow it down a bit and who better than Lyrical wizard Che Lingo. On ‘ Black Girl Magic’ Che shows his versatility, we are so used to him ripping instrumentals to shreds but here he takes a different approach creating a smooth alternative Hip Hop anthem to play at night.


To truly appreciate what Joey XL did here you need to listen to the original song, he keeps the things that made the song special in the instrumental and creates a perfect modern rendition of the Jill Scott classic. I would like to take this as a hint he has more music coming soon and whatever he has coming we cannot wait to hear.

[ K S R ] – new love x zac schram

I have been saying this for a while UK RnB is in a special place right now and people like KSR make me believe it more and more every day, the song is beautiful and what Zac Schram does on the production is wonderful, the mixture of soul and electronic sounds put together a modern RnB masterpiece

JAMAL WOON -Keep Your Distance d1

For a while it been no secret that Jamal Woon is one of the most talented artists in the UK, whether it be rapping or singing he is well versed at both but what he does not get enough credit for is his pen, his ability to write songs really is something special and I don’t think he is getting the credit he deserves because he really has the talent to be a star.

Alanna Aguiar & Benaddict – Vessels (prod. illiterate)

Illiterate production on this song was perfect and the two different vibes Alanna and Ben provided created a smooth song. Alanna’s ethereal vocals really shined through on this track and Benaddict verses tied the song together perfectly

Marie Dahlstrom – Before Then (With The Naked Eye)

London singer Marie Dahlstrom is a special talent, like I said earlier UK RnB is in a special place right now. The fact we have people like Marie making such beautiful music gives me all the faith in the world UK RnB will be heard all over the globe and that she will be a star

LEEHAKEN -That’s Okay Right?

Who better to end this Week’s ‘ Weekly Star’ than ‘ LeeHaken ‘ herself, most of you already know how I feel about her and her music, she is special talent who consistently makes amazing music and she will be on many more ‘ Weekly Star’s’ to come.

Written by @sam_magss


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