Weekly Star 9

Weekly Star 9

A section where we bring you our favorite songs this week from upcoming artists or more established artists, whether the songs are current or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week has 16 songs

Geovarn – Boss, Player

Geovarn is a special artist, nobody in the UK is doing RnB quite like him and I’m not sure if they can, he perfectly blends trap influences with soulful RnB creating his own unique sound that separates him from the rest

‘Boss Player’ is a banger and that’s not the first time we have said that about his music, we are sure he has many more hits to come in the near future. 2018 will be his breakout year so remember the name Geovarn now

Argz Aliko – Come And Go

Argz Aliko is another unique artist who is able to mesh a wide range of genres together to create something special, EllzBs done a wonderful job on the production and when that is added to Argz vocals it creates a catchy infectious banger.

Argz talent is undeniable, he has been making bangers for a while now and we cannot wait to see what else he has ready soon.

Corella Henderson -TRAPPIN

Corella Henderson’s Trappin surprised me when I first heard it, when I heard the beat I didn’t expect to hear her kind of voice but it sounded so perfect on that instrumental, she proves you can come on trap instrumentals and experiment with flows and talk about anything you want and make it sound unique. Her eclectic style has definitely made me a fan and I cannot wait to hear what she does next.

Jevon – Bipolar

Can you favourite rapper flip the Seniorita beat and rap over it? Well Jevon can, ‘ Bipolar ‘ might be my favourite song on this week’s ‘ Weekly Star ‘ everything about it is what I love so much about this new wave of UK music, artists are experimenting with different flows and nobody embodies that more than Jevon, he is the one who will carry this new wave along with others, what he can achieve in the future is endless and I can’t wait to see how far he can stretch his creativity.

Rayf – Lost

Rayf has one of the most unique sounds in the UK right now; he essentially is his own genre. ‘Lost’ is one of the most innovative tracks to come out of the UK in a long time,  it feels like a track that could fit on a conceptual album or be a part of a movie.

Rayf is a future Star so we suggest you hop on his wave now, what he is doing now you don’t hear often so we know he is someone who is going to blow in the near future.

Juvenal Maze – Your Love

‘Your Love’  is one the most slept on RnB songs this year, it has slight Afrobeat influence and would be perfect on any slow Jamz playlist and we hope it soon gets the recognition it deserves because we love it here at LonelyStar. Juvenal Maze just released his first EP called ‘ Fuck It’ We highly suggest you listen to it.

Knucks – Cake

Like Jevon Knucks will carry this new wave of UK rap, Knucks shows UK rappers you don’t have to rap on drill beats all the time you can do something different and Knucks shines while doing that.

On ‘ Cake ‘ Knucks rap over a wonderful instrumental which switches halfway through to a more melodic instrumental and that’s where he shows his versatility, any kind of instrumental Knucks can murder and that why we feel he’s one of the artists who will make a shift in UK Music and carry forward a new wave of UK Hip-Hop.

Kevin Taylor – Jazz and Zoots

House of Pharaohs hail some of finest talent South  London has to offer, everybody in the collective can hold their own on individual tracks and Kevin Taylor shows this with jazzy banger ‘ Jazz and Zoots ‘

Motive105 – Conditions (Feat. Courtney Bennett)

when I first heard this song I felt it deep, the song truly is beautiful. Motive105 told his story on this song and Courtney Bennet helped him paint his story even clearer. I have always said if an artist is able to Evoke emotions from the listener then they are special, both these artists have that talent and there is no doubt in my mind they will reach the top.

LUWE-What I’m On

North London Luwe raps and he produces a skill a lot of artists are developing now and in my opinion, it takes their creativity to the next level and he shows the benefits with ‘What I’m On’, the beat is perfect and he then serenades a girl on the beat creating a perfect song for the night time.

Outside Gold – You Want

This song really gives me Anderson Paak vibes, I could definitely imagine hearing this song on Soulection radio and it shows the immense talent outside gold have and I cannot wait to hear some more soulful music from them.

Mac Ayers – She Just Wanna See Me Rn

If had one word to describe New York singer Mac Ayers it would be soulful. He has an amazing voice and he makes even better music and every time he makes a new song I instantly press play.

Prez – Wusa

We don’t only show love to London artists, Prez is the next big thing to come out from Birmingham and he lets everyone know with his latest banger ‘Wusa’, Prez selected a perfect beat and let his lyrics do the talking, creating another banger to add to his collection.

These next three songs are the perfect songs to end this playlist.

Riian Raquel – more sun

Rilan Raquel is an amazing singer/song-writer and she continues that with ‘ More Sun’. This is not the first time she has been featured and we are sure it will not be the last. Riian Raquel is a special talent with an amazing voice, every song she releases she gets better and we cannot wait to see what she has to come in 2018.

Deanne Yvette ~ Selfish

For a while now I’ve been waiting for Deanne to make new music and I’m glad she did on ‘ selfish her angelic vocals shine through once again.  A feature in Deanne’s music that I really like is that she has a mature sound and always sounds comfortable on instrumentals, resulting in great songs and hopefully this means we get more music from her because if she does make more music her potential is endless.

LeeHaken – Poised

How many artists are creating their own sound by themselves on garage band? LeeHaken is. I have said this for a while now she is a special talent, she creates music so consistently and at such a high quality. This song is amazing and what she does from 0.59 on the song is sensational, it is only a matter of time before she takes off.

Written by @sam_magss


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