Weekly Star Week 2

Weekly Star Week 2

Weekly Star Week 2

A section, where we bring you our favourite songs this week from upcoming artists and more established artists whether they’re current, present or classics these are the songs you should be listening too. This week is a Mixture of UK and American music.

(Zone 2) Skully X Narsty X PS X (Pecks) Boota – Every way

Zone 2 have been making waves all over the UK scene, blessing us with flows and quotables all year and this is just the beginning. This banger is proof they have much more success instore for us in the future.

Deanne- Trust

The 17 year old from South London Deanne, yes 17 which caught me off guard; the maturity of her voice transcends far beyond her age, her song ‘Trust’ was beautiful everything from the production to the ethereal vocals just made the song perfect, making us anxious to see what she does next.

Lancey Foux – Left home

Eclectic East London MC drops an anthem for the summer, his versatility is really something to take note of. He seems comfortable in all facets of the game and this song further validates our claims. ‘Left Home’ is one of the most creative and experimental songs to come out of the UK this year; whenever you try to pin him down to one genre he breaks boundaries and exceeds all expectations and  his star quality becomes more apparent with each song he drops.

Camzino – Bad Habits

Another artist who can do it all, whether it be rapping or singing Camzino excels and on ‘ Bad habits’ he displays both skills and this isn’t the first time he’s done it; songs like ‘ Maria’ ‘Fiji’ and ‘ Instagurl’ he shows his ability of effortlessly changing between rapping and singing switching between flows and melodies resulting to melodic bangers. Also the vocals in the beginning featured Christina Messina who also is extremely talented.

HANA – So Long

South East London singer Hana does something special with this one, painting a love story where two lovers  grew distant, complimented by soulful production and completed by her perfect harmonies , limitless vocal range and beautiful storytelling, this song really has a timeless feel, which is apparent among all her songs she shows this feat on ‘ “24/7’ and ‘Mr Jones’. With all those talents among her arsenal it is clear 2017 is going to be a big year for her

Stacks C ft DeeJillz – Half Hearts

Stacks C and Deejillz come with the energy and they definitely didn’t come half-heartedly, both of them made it look effortless, dropping one of the grittiest bangers on the playlist.

SZA ft. Travis Scott Love Galore

TDE Songstress SZA drops the second single off her forthcoming album ‘CTRL’  With  ‘Love Galore ‘and this song only made us want the album sooner.

Frank Ocean X Travis Scott- Lens

One of the most surprising features of the year, nobody is complaining though. Travis and Frank somehow mesh surprisingly well together and if Frank keeps delivering like this, we hope Frank continues to release more and more music this year.

Falcons X GoldLink- Boo You Know

Together Falcons and GoldLink provided a bop for the summer and if you follow the two of them, its in their DNA from Aquafina to now the two have been a dynamic duo.

Christina Messina – Addicted Cover

Again, if you were here last week you’d know we featured her last week, here she is again she shows her talent through her cover of Amy Winehouse’s Addicted and it makes us wonder if she can do this with covers how good will her solo work be?


London MC MoStack is back again with another banger and at this point of time its far from a surprise. Since ‘No Buddy’ MoStack has been blessing us with anthem after Anthem and ‘ Ussy Ussy’  is a welcomed addition to that collection . With the announcement of his next mixtape ‘ HIGH STREET KID ’ dropping June 2nd we cannot wait to see what he does next.

J Hus- Common Sense

Coming off countless bangers, last one being ‘ Did You See’ all eyes were on Hus and after his release of ‘ Common Sense ‘ it’s safe to say he will deliver. From the jazz infused production to the braggadocios lyrics, it is clear J Hus is at the peak of his power, showing skill and versatility all over this track and with the album slated for May 12th release. We cannot wait too what else Hus has ready for us.

Written by Mags.


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