Weekly Star Week 1

Weekly Star Week 1

Weekly Star Week 1

A section where we bring you our favourite songs this week from upcoming artists and more established artist whether they’re current, present or classics these are the songs you should be listening too. This week however it’s strictly UK and will feature 20 songs.

Hanna Grazia – Déjà vu
Probably one of the best up and coming singers in the UK and with this song it is easy to see why; from her ethereal vocals to the melodic beat.This song was just perfect and its follow up “+44 interlude” was just as good. It is clear she is on to big things and we are excited to see what she does next.

One Acen X Hardy Caprio- Rolling
This is one too vibe and this along with ‘ Pattern ‘ tell us One Acen isn’t playing and has bangers loaded for 2017.

Stacks C – Screw loose
‘He might no trap no more but he still don’t look like you you you’. Stacks C South East London based MC, who  represents Green side has a plethora of bangers and if you haven’t been paying intention yet, then this one will be sure to grab your attention and I can guarantee you this is just the beginning of his success.

ADAS – Winning
South East Collective Hailing Bas, Chuckz ,Demz, KC and Patts are doing more than just ‘ Winning ‘ and coming off bangers like ‘Like that’ and ‘ Levels’ it would pretty hard to argue that and with the addition of ‘Winning ‘ it’s safe to say they have big things planned for 2017.

Christina Messina- Persian Rugs Remix
You’re probably thinking you have heard this beat before and yes, you probably have its from PND’s song ‘Persian Rugs’ but after hearing this cover I thought this has to be featured. Christina Messina is a 19-year-old singer from North London and not only was she speaking that gospel in the beginning her vocals blended perfectly with the ‘Persian Rugs’ instrumental . We look forward to what else she has in store this year because if her covers are this good imagine how good her solo work will be

Kaash Keiko- Wayvier
‘Intro with some banger like Xhaka, put your girl on the CAM like KAKA’. This is only one of the countless quotable in this banger and we just know this London based MC is going to get Wayvier and Wayvier with every song.

Courtney Bennet – Act Like That
This is one of my favourite songs in this week’s segment. From the voice to the hook and the beat, Courtney Bennet  definitely is  one for the future and if you check her SoundCloud she has much more heat.

Phineas X Bis X Zico – Darling Pardon
‘ Everyone Screaming Harlem I don’t understand you aint part of Harlem ‘ Harlem back with another anthem and at this point its expected, they have enough bangers to make this summer heated and this is just another one added to the collection .

Mabel X Kojo Funds – Finders Keeper
Following her hits ‘ Thinking About You’, ‘Know Me Better’ and ‘My Town My Boy’ she’s done it again with her collaboration with Kojo Funds and with her Bedroom Ep coming May 26th there’s a lot to look forward too regarding this London based singer.

Dee-lo – Swish
‘ Taking shots I don’t miss’ and they certainly didn’t miss with this one, this is a certified banger and I’m sure Dee-lo will be coming with more heat soon.

Rajo$ X Dee-lo
With this Rajo$ proved that not only is he one of the best upcoming vocalist but he also has potential to be the best out period and with a nice verse by Dee-lo these two are definitely ones to watch.

Teks Sinatra X Hardy Caprio – Them ones
Both of these London MC’s had something to get off their chest and they did it with this one as they sprayed heartfelt bars under this smooth production and with Hardy selling out shows and getting Drake recognition , while Tek getting better with each song you’ll be hearing about these two for years into their solo careers.

Tiana Mantra – Jaded
Another South-East London based singer with endless amounts of talent and here she provides an anthem for all the girls going through break up and I’m sure she will provide many more in the future.

Giorgia Lo – Watch and Learn
Giorgia Lo South East London singer/songwriter drops a reflective ballad where she shows her soulful vocals under jazzy production and with her dropping another song today she is likely to have a lot planned this year.


Lancey Foux – Do or Die
You have probably already heard of East London Rapper Lancey Foux through his banger ‘About it’ and other songs like ‘Wild Goat ‘ featuring AJ Tracey and Kojey Radical. Well he’s back again with this Alternative rock and Hip-hop infused banger ‘ Do or Die ‘ and there really is no one in the UK doing what he does.

Omar Tkif – #KnightForever
You might recognise him Bk Chat but now you need to become acquainted with the singer. The London based UK singer with a neo-soul style. The singer takes us on a journey with this one giving us all kinds of feels and emotions. If this song makes you want to hear more check out his‘ Heartbreak and Lyrics’ mixtape an stay tuned for what else he has in store for 2017.

Shae Banks X Ms Banks – Big Mistake
Sleeping on this song would be a ‘Big Mistake’ Shae and Ms Banks did something special on this one and as she said ‘ They’re on the come up’ and I cannot wait to see what she come up with next .

A2- Coldest December
It been a fact for a while A2 is one of the best UK and ‘Coldest December ‘ is another indication why.The blend of feels, bars, creativity, emotion all complimented by the beat all show why he is on another level and if you like this, both his ‘More Sleep’ Ep’s will leave you more than satisfied.

Simply T X Izzy Vibes -Slow Down
If you want a anthem to go off at any motive this summer then this is your song . London MC’s Simply T and Izzy Vibes show off their skill and versatility on summer banger ‘ Slow Down’ and this is a indication that in the future both of them will be providing bangers whether it be like this, hip hop or grime just know they’ve got you covered.

Paul Stephan- Wheel Up Boy
‘ 44 flows to the chest’ Stephan has flows for days and under this grimy production he sprays bars we are going to wheel up again and again.

Bzerk – Kill Dem
Energetic Grime MC based in London Bzerk is most underrated on this week’s segment, whether it be lyrics, flows rhyme schemes Bzerk does it effortlessly and on any tempo as well. It can be 140 BPM or something more chilled the beat will get murdered regardless and hopefully with time people wont be asking ‘ Whose that lyrical boy from the East’ and give him the recognition he deserves.


Written by Mags @sam_magss


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