Weekly Star Week 3

Weekly Star Week 3

Weekly Star Week 3

A section, where we bring you our favourite songs this week from upcoming artists and more established artists whether they’re current, present or classics these are the songs you should be listening to. This week is a Mixture of UK and American music. This week Features 12 songs.

Bryson Tiller – Honey
After a prolonged period of hiding, Tiller decided to set the music world in a frenzy by giving us 3 new songs and this one is without a doubt our favourite. ‘Honey’ showcases the Tiller we all know and love, giving us vibes over wonderful production. With his forthcoming album ‘True to self ‘scheduled for June 21st release we will be hearing a lot more from Tiller.

Kaash Keiko – Starry
We warned you week one he was a problem and with his latest song ‘ Starry’ we stand by that point and we doubt that will ever change. If you want flows quotables along with nice production Kaash Keiko is your man.

Cam ft Skruface- Life So Lit
London MC Cam hailing more specifically from Catford is another artist you need to keep a close eye on. When I heard this I was surprised, very few artists in the UK are this good with melodies and trust me this is a common feature throughout his music, ‘ Life So Lit’ is definitely one of our favourite songs in this week section and it’s not a one off, Cam has other songs such as ‘ No Stress’ and ‘Diner Dash’ just as good and we are sure these melodic bangers are just the beginning for him.

Omar TKIF – Ric Flair
You probably already know who he is due to him being on ‘ BKCHAT’ but its time you get to know the musician. His sound far the conventional UK artist and he shows that again with his new song ‘Ric Flair’ and whether it be singing or rapping he excels in both.

Daniel OG- Team Talk
East London MC Daniel OG is a MC we are new too and we are glad we found. I never thought I would hear a London rapper with a Biggie Esque flow until I heard ‘411’ and on this latest song ‘ Team Talk’ he reminds me again over the eclectic production as he flows effortlessly. With his mixtape coming soon you will be hearing his name a lot more.

Tom Misch FT Novelist- Feeling
One of the smoothest song on this week section. Tom Misch and Novelist show us their spiritual side on ‘Feeling’. This is a song which means a lot more than its surface value suggests, Novelist really is giving gems and life lessons over the melodic production whilst Tom Misch compliments them perfectly with his vocals on the hook. The Lewisham MC dropped two Ep’s this year ‘Yakutta’ and ‘BE Blessed ‘ EP and Tom Misch released his ‘ Day 5 Mischon’ EP earlier this year and both are definitely artists you should keep an eye on.

Poppy Ajudha – Love Falls Down

Poppy Ajudha has a sound which is just timeless and was clearly influenced by a wide range of genres such as Neo soul and Jazz . This song made it clear she has amazing vocal talent but what stands out the most is her clear talent for songwriting. From the harmonies to the production this was a song we thoroughly enjoyed.

Prez- Money May
19-year-old Birmingham MC Prez, tell us his story on this one and this is just the beginning for him. From the crisp verses to the catchy hooks ‘ Money May’ is definitely a song you need to hear and the fact he’s doing this so soon means he definitely has more heat ready for us.

Rejjie Snow ft Joey Bada$$ and Jessie Boykins III – Purple Tuesday
Irish MC Rejjie Snow has been making waves round the world for quite some time and his latest song ‘Purple Tuesday’ is special, the guest features are equally as special., him, Joey and Jessie bless us with introspective lyrics and world truths over the Jazzy production.

P From Lee X SL – I Was Like
P From Lee and SL team up blessing us with an anthem and with the views this song is generating and SL coming of a banger like ‘Gentleman’ both a poised for big things.

Amess- Take Your Time
Jersey Rapper Amess, has been rising to fame with a collection of hits n SoundCloud hits and ‘ Take Your Time is definitely one for us all to vibe to.

Henny Dankz
London Artist Henny Dankz, blessed us with his latest song ‘ Falling’ switching between singing and rapping effortlessly whilst simultaneously putting us all in our feelings. This is a song you all need to add to your SoundCloud playlists and Henny Dankz is definitely one to watch.

Written by Mags. @sam_magss


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